Ashmont Records
Retail Contact:
Retailers seeking information about carrying Ashmont Records, contact Redeye 1-877-733-3931

Demo Submissions:
We're just a small family-run operation, and purely a vehicle for the artistic output of Holbrook, MA's second most famous resident (the first being former Bush II Chief of Staff Andrew Card) Joe Pernice.  We have no intention of putting out records by anyone else ever.  The problem with sending us demos, is that it makes us feel really guilty.  We don't have time to listen to them, because Ashmont Records isn't even our full time job.  We have full-time jobs and families and pets, etc.  Some of us even make attempts at a social life.  So these tapes/CD's come, and they sit in a big pile, and never get listened to, because there aren't enough hours in a day, but every day we walk buy them and feel guilty (we were raised Catholic). Or, if they were handed to us sometime out on the road, they stay in the van, and then get boxed up, because the last thing ANYONE wants to do on the last day of a tour is scour the van for forgotten belongings.  But we feel really bad about it, because someone took the trouble to make it, and give it to us, and has a (reasonable) expectation that someone will listen to it.  But the reality is, no one will.  So if you have any sympathy at all, just don't send them.  Now we really feel like jerks, but wouldn't you rather know?

Technical Contact:
Christopher Najewicz: